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dream log 111

I have dreams I write about, so I'll post them here. This is just one of many dream logs I've written, and I may post more here.

the past few dreams i've had, have been ominous and foreboding, like something critically important is going on, but i ignored and forgot them.

this one.


it was in the format of a comic book. it was so beautifully illustrated, with the theme of stars and constellations overlapped over everything. the shading was very odd, yet wonderful. the main characters are these two girls - they're clearly in love with each other, but they don't know.

they go to this school. it appears to be a beautiful, rich school with details like a big fountain near the entrance, and towering residential halls with an elevator, and classrooms next to elegant staircases. they're clearly laughing and having fun with their peers for a couple pages, classroom shenanigans, but there's something mysterious about one of the main girls.

she dies on the elegant staircase, i can see blood on her chest, but no visible wounds. the other girl is stricken with grief, but she doesn't cry. stars are around her and constellations are her as she holds her friend's hand, and suddenly her friend is back. they hug and begin going back down, to leave.

a storm has hit the world. their school is no longer safe, now filled with traitors and monsters pretending to be human. they leave, and the same girl dies yet again, by the fountain, but is saved by her friend.

(by this point i know what is going on - every human being in the world has "life points." these are healing points you have a finite supply of, which you can spend on anyone you wish to return from the dead or dying.)

after hiding for a while, the girls try for a few hours to infiltrate the school, their dorms, and to get their belongings back. they pass for a while before the traitors take suspicion, and they quickly leave, but not before the girl, who has died twice, takes a notebook after noticing her friend took a pen, knowing she loves to draw and write.

they run past the fountain, the buses, the abandoned buildings in the town.

they arrive at an incredibly tall tower, which houses many apartments in it. this is where they are to live in, shielded from the storm clouds forever, which have been approaching in the background, enveloping everything.

but there's a change of plans. she, who has saved her love multiple times, now shoves her friend inside with a shapeshifting creature that will protect her.

she puts on a tough face, saying she will fight them off, and locks the door as her upset friend tries to get outside. the shapeshifter holds her back, saying this is for the best. it picks her up with a single large, clawed hand before the locks of the doors are broken and they ascend upwards very quickly, deftly avoiding the dark clouds following them.

the girl who has died and been revived multiple times - she's now home, high up on the tower. her friend is also, somehow, here. they hug, sobbing and asking the other how did she survive.

"i must've used up all of my life points on you..."


the alarm wakes me up. i let out a small scream, realizing the beautiful comic isn't real and i can't read it.